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  My most impressive friends



  I have met so many friends in my college life. They have exerted enormous influence on my life. However, one of my most impressive friends is my roommate, Li Ming.

  In the class meeting on the first day of school, Li Ming did not impress us at all. We started to notice him because he was always late for classes. We were thus impressed by his laziness. I came to know him and his situation because we were roommates and spent much time together: his mother was seriously ill and sick abed in long-term, his father left him and his mother mercilessly. Hence, it was him that shouldered the heavy burden of taking care of his sick mother supporting the whole family. Finally, under great pressures, he balanced his life and study perfectly: he was no longer always late, took good care of his mother and even won the scholarship many years in a row.

  The experience of Li Ming can be one of the most convincing cases of the power of persistence and will. He left a deep impression and imposed a durable influence on me. Indeed, friend such as him can be regarded as asset and property in our life. We have rights to choose our own friends,but we should also be prudent and sensible enough to choose friends who can bring us “positive energy”.



  1. 反押题:此次作文,依旧没有考察“热点”的“环境、文化、网络”等大话题,而是“平民草根、接地气”;

  2. 易审题:依旧没有考察考生“审题能力”以及“跑题偏题”的可能性,作文的主题非常开放而明显,所有考生都有话好说;

  3. 重语言:主题明确,不会跑题,考生比拼的就是“语言质量”本身了。一篇不再“假大空”的文章,注定不需要使用太多“大而华丽的空洞语言、口号语言”,而在于考生能否灵活运用一些基础词汇和固定表达,写出语法正确、语言流畅的文章。

  4. 技巧和能力并重:北京新东方四六级课堂所倡导的“写作技巧与范文背诵”作文备考思路依旧得到体现和应用。考生既要规律性总结历年真题出题的特点,又要勤加背诵和练习考前的范文。宗旨,多背,多写,背好,写好,总能够在考场上有话好说,有分可拿!

  The Most Impressing Course in My College Life


  During the two years of college life, I have attended many special courses, among which the most impressed one is psychology. I still remembered the days when I was fed up with my major Math, which frustrated me so much. Till I fortunately select one of the most fascinating optional courses lectured by Professor Wang.

  Time gone back to the first class of Mr. Wang, I found a little old man came in the classroom with a thick book of psychology. Mysteriously, I first unveiled and explored the myth within it by the vivid demonstration of Mr. Wang, and became fascinated with this course. In the following days, it enclosed an assorted of psychological phenomenon reflected in ordinary people’s daily lives by illustrating examples in reality.

  To be frank, it is the psychology class that enlightens my soul of exploring the unknown world and stimulate my desire to learn. And it is no surprise to say that psychology is the most impressing course for me in college.



  The Most Impressive Campus Activity


  Every university offers numerous kinds of activities to enrich students’ extracurricular life. As one of the young college students, I have benefited a lot from all of these well-organized activities, but the one impressing me most is the debate competition which I took part in last year.

  That was a debate competition between different majors and the topic was about theoretical knowledge versus practices. What mattered most is not the result of the debate, but gathering background information and practicing the process of debate. Also, no individual could accomplish the challenging task all by herself or himself, so joint efforts have played a significant role in winning the competition. Team spirit and co-operation has been improved a lot and I believe this is more precious than winning or losing.

  To be brief, we should participate in more campus activities, not only can we get a better understanding of what we have learnt before, but also make new friends and discover our interests.





  1. C. The gift should not be too expensive.

  2. A. He is quite willing to give the woman a hand.

  3. B. They cannot begin their recoding right away.

  4. D. Preparations for a wedding.

  5. 待定

  6. D. The man cannot wait for his meal.

  7. B. Whether the man can keep his job.

  8. A. The woman can sign up for a swimming class.

  9. C. He is a diplomat.

  10. A. Went to see a play.

  11. D. Her father said she could marry Eric right away.

  12. B. Teacher


  14. B. In newspapers’ Sunday editions.

  15. C. To sell her articles to a news service.

  16-18 无

  19. 待定

  20. C. Purchase a plot to build a home on.

  21. A. The achievements of the Trickle Up Program.

  22-25 无


  26. 待定 27.sharp 28.待定 29. 待定 30. resemble

  31. focuses on 32.specialize 33.待定 34. invented 35. figured out


  36-40 F critical D contemporary K led N proportions C closely

  41-45 E courses B actually I especially G declining H degrees


  46-50 BNMAE

  51-55 CGCHL


  56. B. facilitate communication

  57. B. They are worldwide.

  58. C. It lacks an objective evaluation of the role of Internet businesses.

  59. A. People will be living in two different realities.

  60. D. They don’t take sides in analyzing the effects of the Internet

  61. B It wasn’t difficult to buy a house.

  62. C. They feel more secure economically than in the past.

  63. B. They were subjected to racial inequality.

  64. A. Divorce is easier to obtain.

  65. D. Improve the lives of families with problems.



  More and more Chinese young people are getting interested in traveling, which is a new trend in recent years. The increasing number of young travelers can be attributed to the rapid growth of income and the curiosity to explore the outside world. With more travel, youngsters spend more time in remote areas rather than big cities and famous resorts. Furthermore, some of them would choose backpacking. Recent survey showed that many young people want to experience different culture, enrich knowledge, and broaden their horizon through traveling.

  大熊猫(giant panda)是一种温顺的动物,长着独特的黑白皮毛。因其数量稀少,大熊猫已被列为濒危物种。大熊猫对于世界自然基金会(WWF)有着特殊的意义。自1961年该基金会成立以来,大熊猫就一直是它的徽标。大熊猫是熊科中最稀有的成员,主要生活在中国西南部的森林里。目前,世界上大约有1000只大熊猫。这些以竹为食的动物正面临许多威胁。因此,确保大熊猫的生存比以往更重要。

  Giant panda is a kind of tame animal with unique black and white fur. Because of the small numbers, panda is listed as endangered species. Panda has a special meaning toward the WWF. Since the founding of the fund in 1961, panda has been its symbol. Panda, which lives in the forest of the south-west of China, is the rarest in bear species. Nowadays, there are approximately 1000 pandas in the world. These animals whose food is mainly bamboo are under serious threat. Thus, the survival of panda is much more important than ever before.


  The phenomenon of holiday economy shows that the consumption concept of Chinese people is changing dramatically. According to statistics, the demands of Chinese consumer are shifting from basic necessities of life to the need of leisure, comfort and personal development. Meanwhile, the way of consumption of Chinese people is becoming mature in holiday economy. Therefore, the structure of the product should be adjusted accordingly to adapt to the social development. On the other hand, the quality of service needs to be improved to meet the demand of improving the quality of life.
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